Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Making Room For Your Soul Mate

After gathering the strength to end an unhealthy relationship, it’s time to focus on the brighter days ahead. Your life didn’t end, it’s just begun. Read the following article about manifesting your soul mate. You can transfer it’s theme to the perfect work environment or family relationship as well.

Words by Kausalya

After a long, draining week I decided to do something different with my Friday night. I attended a workshop called Manifesting Your Soul Mate by author and workshop leader Kathryn Alice.

“There is a lid for every pot. Nothing can keep your soul mate – your lid from you.”

Alice ’s words floated out over the crowd of 60 plus people assembled. I looked around the room of beautiful women (and even a few men) of all ages, sizes, and cultural backgrounds. We were all here for some hopeful news about our ever-elusive soul mates.

Alice explained that manifesting love is as easy as believing you have the power to welcome in your love. She said we must become comfortable with the idea that our soul mate is living and breathing somewhere on this planet right now.

After a love-call meditation, we had to choose partners. We took turns telling one another about our soul mates and why we loved them. Next, we had to tell our partners why our soul mates loved us. Finally, we had to describe what it was like to kiss our soul mates. At first, the exercise seemed a little strange. But it was quite thrilling to share my soul mate with strangers! They were so supportive. They smiled and affirmed my every word. I silently prayed to God that our dreams would come true.

Finally, we were all given some tips on things to expect when your soul mate arrives on the scene:

• Your soul mate will be just as smitten with you as you are with them. Alice says that she has seen many people fall in love with someone who has no interest in them. This unrequited love puzzles them. However, they are attracted to this person because this person has features that closely resemble their soul mate’s features. All of this time they have been pining away for the wrong person.

• You and your soul mate will share “crackling chemistry.” You will connect with this person in a way you have never connected with anyone else. Your body will often react with glee when this person is around. Your soul mate will be wowed over you!

• Your so-called fatal flaws will become the source of you and your soul mate’s healing moments. Alice recalled a client who was very embarrassed by acne scars on her stomach. One day, her soul mate pushed back the covers and kissed her all over her stomach. He called her scars a beautiful constellation.

So what do we do in the meantime? In the meantime, we should not settle. We should continue doing the inner work that makes us feel worthy of love. Alice says we could even buy gifts or write letters to our soul mate to keep the connection alive. More importantly, we should enjoy being single. Now we have the luxury of time to get our lives in order, make room for love.

As I headed to my car, I could have sworn I saw a shooting star. I blew a kiss to my soul mate just in case.


Shai said...

That was a very good piece and has me really thinking. I will be doing some writing in the coming days.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful message! This story was like a smooth chocolate truffle with a sweet creamy center surprise. Love is a wonderful thing and you can't rush it, fake it or take it for granted. Alice sounds like a deep woman and I'm glad she was able to spread her seeds of knowledge to those at the workshop. Be patient in love and life :)

B Chuck said...

i feel like everything you described about a soul mate is what i felt when i met my "husband" (im claiming it).
We have these insecurities about ourselves that we obsess over...but those flaws are the things they admire the most about us. I feel like he doesn't have to try very hard to please me...nor do i have to beg for his affection. this is definitely how it feels to find your soul mate. Tee, your words are comforting as always.

Kewannah said...

So...almost 3 years later. Did you meet your soulmate?